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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul Kauldy, co-owner of Tri-Healthy, at his store location in Venice, FL. Tri-Healthy has 7 locations across Florida and Ohio, selling a variety of CBD and hemp-derived products. As someone newer to the CBD space, I was excited to learn more about Paul’s business and background.

Origins and Early Days

Paul’s life story reads like an adventure novel. He hails from Northeast Ohio and grew up as a diehard Cleveland Browns fan, which he says taught him lessons about resilience and perseverance. After serving in the military for 9 years, he met his wife Stacy online via MySpace in 2009 when they reconnected from high school.

They eventually started a small business called Little Chicago Apparel focused on branded merchandise and apparel, with a side hustle promoting amateur MMA fights. Paul leveraged skills from past gigs in financial advising, graphic design and insurance to build clientele in these areas.

His experiences have shaped a versatile and resilient character. Military service instilled discipline and a sense of duty. Time in finance and mixed martial arts added layers of complexity to his character. But it was his push into graphic design and t-shirt making that hinted at his creative potential. It was in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee where Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit truly ignited, leading him to the world of retail CBD.

Making the Leap to CBD

While running booths at local flea markets to sell their apparel, Paul noticed more and more vendors selling CBD products. Recognizing the opportunity earlier than others in his state, Paul and Stacy decided to take the plunge into the CBD industry themselves and open their first store.

Fast forward to today, and Tri-Healthy has expanded rapidly with 7 total locations across 2 states. However, Paul notes Tennessee – where they first got their start – could be on the horizon again soon as that is where his kids still reside.

Tri-Healthy’s Vision and Values

Tri-Healthy isn’t just a dispensary; it’s a destination for wellness. Born out of Paul’s vision, each of the stores across Florida and Ohio reflects his commitment to quality, education, and customer care. Tri-Healthy stands as a testament to Paul’s belief in the power of CBD to enhance lives.

Tri-Healthy’s Products and Point of Difference

CBD, or cannabidiol, has emerged as a key player in the wellness industry. Unlike its more famous cousin, THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, offering therapeutic benefits without the high.

Products range from oils, tinctures, edibles, to topicals, each serving different needs. For instance, oils are known for their versatility and ease of use, while topicals are popular for localized relief.

Paul’s expertise in this arena is evident in Tri-Healthy’s diverse product line, which caters to a wide spectrum of health and wellness needs.

Their strengths lie in high quality CBD oils and uniquely potent edibles compared to other outlets, thanks to the expertise of their lab partners and legal teams.

Marketing and Community Engagement

Paul’s marketing approach is refreshingly authentic. Steering away from aggressive sales tactics, he focuses on building genuine relationships with his customers. This approach not only creates a loyal customer base but also turns each visitor into a potential advocate for both the brand and the benefits of CBD.

Further proof of Paul’s commitment to education the public about CBD is his event No Med Card Needed – An Entertaining Educational Experience on Why you Don’t Need a Medical Marijuana Card. This event, hosted by Tri-Healthy, explores the wealth of hemp-derived products that don’t require a prescription.

Visiting Tri-Healthy Venice Store and Trying Products

My time at the Venice location of Tri-Healthy was a blast. I really enjoyed learning about Paul’s story and his business. More importantly (talking directly to Paul with this one): Your products are amazing!

Paul was nice enough to give me a sample of two chocolates:

I would give these chocolates an 11/10. If you like Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, then these little nuggets of chocolate gold are just what you’ve been dreaming about. The Cookies & Cream square may have been the smoothest, most ‘melt in you mouth’ pieces of chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. Overall, I would definitely recommend Tri-Healthy to any of my friends and family.

Closing Remarks

I found Paul’s outlook on running a small business refreshing. He discussed the importance of learning from failures, trusting your staff, focusing on education, and playing to your strengths. These seem to be working well for Tri-Healthy as they continue expanding to help more people find natural relief and plant-based wellness. Be sure to stop into one of their stores in either Florida or Ohio to experience their offerings firsthand!

Discover More!

Inspired by Paul’s story and interested in exploring the benefits of CBD? Visit Tri-Healthy Hemp Dispensary and discover a world of wellness.

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