How to Make a Warm Beach Logo in Adobe Illustrator | Dive Into Design Ep 1

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Welcome to the Pilot episode of our new “Dive Into Design” series. In this first 3-part mini-series, we are making (this is our name for it) Logo Landscapes in Adobe Illustrator! First up, we have a theme very near and dear to our hearts: The Beach. 🏖️

This logo design tutorial is for everyone – beginners and pros – and offers step-by-step guidance on creating a picturesque badge logo with step gradients of the sky, waters, and landscape.

🔑 You Might Learn:

  • Designing step gradients for a dynamic effect
  • Adding depth with foreground, middle, and background elements
  • Tips for crafting a cohesive beach-themed logo landscape

Here is our final image from the tutorial 📸

the beach logo postcard by unity web

Family photo showing from left to right - Bryanna (Owner), Matthew (son), Kevin (Owner), and McKenna (daughter)
By: Kevin Shahan
Designer/Developer - Photographer/Videographer - Cheer Dad
Keyboards - Cameras - Cartwheels
I'm doing my best.

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