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We specialize in creating engaging and impactful media content that resonates with your audience. Explore our range of services designed to elevate your brand.


Boost Audience Engagement

Elevate Your Brand Image

Strategically Crafted Content

Video production + Marketing

Dynamic video solutionsin North Port, FL.

North Port is a vibrant community filled with small businesses that drive the local economy. At North Port Creatives, we shine a spotlight on these local business heroes by providing effective and strategic video marketing solutions.

✅ Showcase your brand professionally
✅ Deliver key information swiftly
✅ Engage and captivate your audience

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Improve your brand awareness

We understand the frustration of seeing your brand's story get lost in translation or not portrayed in the light it deserves.

You lose business when visuals don’t capture the spirit of your brand or fail to connect with your audience. That’s why we’re committed to getting it right, ensuring your message is not just seen but felt and remembered.

Strategic video assets

Videos that drive results. 🚀

Our mission is to create impactful videos that enhance your business performance. We focus on videos designed to improve essential metrics like sales, signups, and conversions.

📈 Conversion-Focused

We offer targeted packages that align with your business goals, whether it’s boosting sales, enhancing marketing efforts, or building brand recognition.

🎨 Brand Consistency

We understand the importance of your brand identity. All our video content is crafted to seamlessly match your brand’s colors, fonts, styles, and messaging.

🔎 Strategic Impact

Our video packages include strategic planning and implementation guides to ensure your videos achieve lasting results.

📱 Optimized for All Devices

We ensure your videos look stunning on all devices, especially mobile, where the majority of users will view your content.

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Jarred Ramsey
February 5, 2024

Kevin is great. He is fun to work with and highly enthusiastic.

Ryan Hatcher
December 10, 2021

Extremely professional and easy to work with!!

Deanna Rodriguez
October 21, 2021

Kevin is knowledgeable, informative, and thorough. Far exceeded the expectations of my website and the entire process. Highly recommend.

Expand your business with video

Why video is the best marketing tool in 2024.

📱 Optimized for Mobile

Reach potential customers wherever they are with videos designed for mobile viewing, effectively communicating key details on-the-go.

📈 Boost Conversions

Adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%, making it a powerful tool for driving signups.

🧰 Enhanced Sales Process

Build a video library to support your sales team, helping to increase conversion rates throughout the sales process.

✨ Engaging Showcase

Videos present your products or services in a captivating way, far more engaging than images or text alone.

🎓 Product Education

Most customers (72%) prefer to learn about new products and services through video rather than text, making it an essential educational tool.

🌙 Sell Around the Clock

Capture your best sales pitch on video, allowing you to close deals even when you’re not there.

⚙️ Process Automation

Use video to streamline processes like hiring and customer onboarding, saving time and resources.

🎨 Brand Enhancement

Not only will your videos align with your brand, but they will also elevate its polish and engagement to new heights.

We’ve streamlined the process

Simple + EfficientWorkflow

We know your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve optimized our processes to ensure a fast and effortless experience. Even our most detailed video packages are simplified into three straightforward stages.

1. Pre-Production 📝


During the Pre-Production phase, we lay the groundwork for your project. This includes defining goals, outlining the budget, and gathering resources. We also identify potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them.

2. Production 🎬


Once pre-production is complete, we move on to filming your story. Using the latest technology and a keen eye for detail, we bring your vision to life. Our team handles everything, from setting up lighting and sound to directing participants and capturing beautiful shots.

3. Delivery 🚀


In the Delivery phase, we turn raw footage into a polished video asset. Our editors meticulously piece together the visuals, add effects, enhance audio, and integrate any necessary graphics or animations. We ensure the final product exceeds your expectations and is delivered in your preferred format, ready to captivate your audience.

Our Services

Brand Storytelling Videos

Every brand has a story worth telling. Our Brand Storytelling Videos capture the essence of your business, highlighting your values and journey. Perfect for websites, social media, and marketing campaigns, these videos create a strong emotional connection with your audience.

Success Story Videos

Demonstrate the impact of your products or services through Success Story Videos. Featuring authentic customer testimonials, these videos build trust and credibility, showing potential clients the real benefits of choosing your brand.

Evergreen Video Content

Our Evergreen Video Content service provides versatile, long-lasting videos for various business needs. Whether it’s creating ads, starting a YouTube channel, or producing monthly content, we tailor our approach to ensure your videos deliver ongoing value.

Photography Services

From professional headshots and product photography to event coverage, our photography services are designed to meet all your visual content needs. We deliver high-quality images that enhance your brand’s visual presence.

Real Estate Services

Specializing in real estate photography and videography, we help agents present properties in the best light. Our services include HDR photos, video tours, and drone footage to attract potential buyers and showcase listings effectively.

📍 Proudly Local

Based in the heart of North Port, we also provide remote production services to meet your needs.

📈 Focused on Results

We collaborate with your team to develop a video strategy tailored to your business goals.

⚡️ Exceptionally Fast

Receive high-quality, on-brand video marketing assets with impressive turnaround times.

💙 Committed to You

We build long-term relationships, working with clients who value ongoing collaboration.

Here are some of our most

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us directly and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our video production services varies based on several factors, such as the project's specific needs, scope of work, timelines, and any additional features or services required.

We understand that each project is unique and strive to provide customized solutions to fit your specific needs and budget.

To receive an accurate and personalized quote, start by filling out our discovery form. We will discuss your requirements in detail and provide a transparent cost estimate that aligns with your vision.


Do you offer custom videos?

Absolutely! While we have pre-made packages, we also create custom videos tailored to your unique vision and requirements.

Whether you need a promotional video, explainer animation, corporate presentation, or any other type of video content, our expertise and creativity will bring your ideas to life.

We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process, from conceptualization to post-production, ensuring the final product reflects your brand and effectively communicates your message.

Our goal is to deliver a custom video that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, leaving a lasting impact on your target audience.


Can you help with video strategy?

Absolutely! We believe video production is about more than creating visually stunning content—it's about achieving your specific goals and objectives.

With our background in marketing and advertising, we offer valuable insights and guidance to help you build an effective video strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

No matter what your needs are—whether it's targeting the right audience, crafting a compelling story, or maximizing the reach and engagement of your videos—we’re here to provide expert guidance every step of the way.

We take the time to truly understand your goals, analyze your target market, and offer strategic recommendations to ensure your videos make a powerful impact and drive the results you're looking for.

A Personal Note

Choose NPC for a partnership that values authenticity and impact over volume and frequency. We’re here to help you tell your story through powerful visuals that do more than just look good—they work hard for your brand.

At North Port Creatives, our clients are people who want to be seen as industry leaders, setting standards with exceptional brand storytelling. In order to be that way, you need compelling, high-quality visual content that captures and conveys your brand’s essence.

The problem is, subpar visuals or bad storytelling can undermine your brand’s message, which makes you feel frustrated and undervalued.

We believe no brand should have to suffer from ineffective communication. We understand how crucial it is to align your brand’s image with its core values and message.

That’s why we offer expert photography and videography services that bring your brand’s story to life.

Here’s how it works: first, schedule a consultation; next, receive a tailored proposal; once agreed, we dive into production; and finally, we deliver your high-quality visuals that are ready to make an impact.

So, book your session with us today, so you can stop worrying about being overlooked and start captivating your audience and enhancing your market presence.

Ready to chat? We're all ears. Drop us a line and let's start crafting your story today.